Extra Crystals

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  • €5,00
Don't forget these...


Introducing our premium quality extra crystals, the perfect solution for when your favorite browband or accessory loses a few gems. Made with precision-cut, high-quality glass, these crystals will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your design, giving it a refreshed and elegant look.

Each pack contains 10 crystals, ensuring that you'll have enough to replace any lost gems, and still have some left over for future repairs.

Our crystals are easy to apply, simply open the hooks with a. tweezer, use a small amount of glue or adhesive to securely fasten them to your browband or accessory ( Please bare in mind the glue has to be transparent).

With our extra crystals, you can easily maintain the beauty of your cherished browband or accessory, without having to worry about the cost of expensive repairs.