SaddlePad Set SNB X MBreeches Collaboration CUFFIETTA OMAGGIO

- €-99,00
  • €99,00
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Meet the dynamic fusion of style and practicality – the Mbreeches x SparksnBlings Saddle Pad Set. This collaboration brings together SparksnBlings' signature crystal touch with Mbreeches' reliable quality and vibrant colors.

Our saddle pad isn't just eye-catching; it's designed for everyday riders who want a bit of flair without compromising on durability. The SparksnBlings crystals add a pop of personality, while Mbreeches makes amazing competition outfits.

Say goodbye to dull rides and hello to a touch of fun with this saddle pad set. The perfect mix of sparkle and elegance, it's a subtle way to stand out without going overboard. Upgrade your saddle game with the Mbreeches x SparksnBlings Saddle Pad Set – because practical can be a little bit dazzling too!

The Saddlepad includes the bonnet for free!